To give an interpretation to my paintings, I think it is appropriate to know my motivations, my way of being, so I will try to describe myself trying to be objective.

I start by saying that I am self-taught, I started painting at a very young age and over the years I have followed various courses and seminars that have allowed me to improve the technique and learn more about the basic rules. In some of these courses I met some Masters who definitely encouraged me and this meant that I began to exhibit and participate in some exhibition outside our small environment.
That said, it is a must to point out that I am a woman who works, who has a family, who has many commitments. Consequently, every free moment (especially from work) is experienced as a liberation. I like to deal with manual things and I'm intrigued by novelties in general. I really like to travel and discover both different places and different people. Already the idea of organizing a trip makes me feel better, I think of the daily rhythms that will be different, improvised or not, but different; I think of unknown places that I imagine as I like the most. Last but not least, I think about sharing this adventure with the people I love, so more time to spend together and more time to organize together.

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Characteristically I think I am in general very patient, sensitive and acute observer of the environment that surrounds us, especially if they are new environments (during the holidays) but also in the everyday life of the place where I live.
I believe that all this affects what I paint. For example, I realize that sometimes I stop to admire a panorama that I always have under my eyes but at a given moment it has different lights and colors, I like it, then I photograph it and then, subsequently, I make a painting "adjusting" the elements, maybe I remove a house, I add a plant, I give more light in one point instead of in another...and so on, until it satisfies me.  to satisfy me he must transmit me positive feelings.First of all when I look at it gradually I rework it until, even technically, I like it but I do not consider this aspect fundamental, what is important for me is that it must leave me relaxed and serene looking at it; observing it for a long time sometimes from here the imagination starts, which gallops towards future projects, which can be holidays, places to see, or memories of places already visited and where I have been well. This is my purpose: to ensure that those who observe my paintings have an immediate feeling of serenity and relaxation. Sometimes I have succeeded; last summer an elderly lady told me that in front of my paintings, which were displayed in a window, she stopped for a long time because they gave her peace of mind...this is the most beautiful criticism I could have! At least with this lady I achieved my goal!!

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The colors I use are almost never studied, in the sense that it comes to me, especially in landscapes, to put the colors that at that moment I like the most and that seem to me more suitable for what I am painting. In still lifes, on the other hand, I reflect on it because I go looking for colors that tend to be clear that I try to balance.
I sometimes like to use the color without distributing it evenly and making sure that the brushstroke remains full-bodied, almost as if I had used a spatula, I do not know why, maybe I like the final effect, maybe it gives me the idea of something decided...
Beyond the immediate sensations of tranquility and serenity, I think that my landscapes, if you observe well and if you know the peculiarities of our island, can communicate much more: I am reminded of the silence, the calm of the island (sometimes even very idealized in reality) the scent of the flowering hills at particular times of the year such as spring. But also life, the energy that emerges perhaps from those thicker brushstrokes to which I mentioned before.
Maybe it is me in the first person (before the others) who tries to draw calm and relaxation from what I do and since I feel the need, I think it is positive to somehow be able to transmit it to those who want to observe.
Everyday life is always a race, between the commitments of work, of the Family, sometimes of the elderly; it is necessary to dwell, in free moments, on something that helps to fantasize to make the imagination take off on pleasant and rewarding visions from which each of us will then imagine what he wants according to his own taste and according to his own character. Those who love travel, like me, will be able to travel with fantasy or memories, those who have other expectations, will choose how to use the sensations that I could transmit to them: but always, strictly, to be revitalized in body and spirit.