"My aim is to ensure that whoever observes my paintings has an immediate feeling of serenity and relaxation. They can communicate the silence, the calm of the island, the scent of the flowering hills at particular times of the year such as spring; but also life, the energy that emerges perhaps from those thicker brushstrokes that seem to give strength and vigor. "

 alba su marina di campo 60 x 50 0

Olio su tela "Alba su Marina di Campo" 60 x 50

"Maybe it's me personally (before others) who tries to draw calm and relaxation from what I do and since I feel the need, I think it is positive to somehow be able to transmit it to those who want to observe."

scogliera di seccheto 50 x 60 1 200x242 spiaggia di sansone 50 x 60 200x242
"La Scogliera di Seccheto"  "Spiaggia di Sansone"